Oasis Scala Beach Hotel

how to get to Agistri

Oasis Scala Beach Hotel is located on Agistri/ Angistri island, at a 1 minute distance (100 m) from the port of Scala/ Skala right on the beach. Agistri island is about 20 miles/ 32 km south of the harbour of Athens Piraeus, and 5 miles/ 8 km west of Aegina island. The closest airport to Agistri island is The international airport in Athens called Eleftherios Venizelos.

from the airport to the port of Piraeus

All boats for Agistri leave from Gate 8 at the port of Piraeus where you will find all the ticket offices of the various boats going to Agistri island. Boats leave on time but schedules and prices can be subject to alterations without prior notice.

The Oasis Scala Beach hotel cooperates with GBT and can provide you with a safe and reliable transfer, at good value for you and your fellow travellers, direct to the ferry or hydrofoil that fits with your timescale. Please follow the link to book your transfer: Greece Private Transfer – 24 Hours transfer services in Greece.

by bus:

The bus X96, leaves from outside the Arrivals’ doors. Buy your ticket, +/- € 6, at the kiosk or if closed, on the bus itself. The trip will take +/- 75 minutes. From the bus stop it is a minute’s walk to Gate 8.

by metro/train:

Across from the Arrivals’ doors, the metro (blue line) will take you into the centre of Athens. Change there onto the green line straight to Piraeus. The train costs +/- 8 €, single fare. Special rates for couples and groups. The lines are well equipped with escalators and lifts. At Piraeus cross the road into the port and follow the signs for Gate 8.

by taxi:

You will find taxis outside the Arrivals’ doors. The journey time is +/- 45 minutes to an hour.

from Piraeus to Agistri island

Besides the boats that bring you directly from Piraeus, you have the possibility of going from Piraeus to the island of Aegina, which is served with at least 15 trips every day, either by fast hydrofoils that make the trip in 40 minutes or bigger ferries that take 1 hour and 15 minutes. There are frequent connections from Aegina island to Agistri by the “Agistri Express”.


by Ferry

Posidon Hellas - heading towards Agistri

1.5 Hour traveltime via Aegina island to Agistri island from Piraeus. Price € 10 per person – € 22 per car.
Find more information at: www.saronicferries.gr

by Flying Dolphin

Dolphins travel directly or via Aegina island to the harbour of Milos on Agistri island. Price around € 15 single tickets travel time 50 minutes.
Find more information at: www.aegeanflyingdolphins.gr & www.hellenicseaways.gr

by the Agistri Express

Local boat that travels only between Agistri and the port of Aegina. Traveltime: 10 min.
Price € 5 single ticket
Contact information | (+30) 6947 118 863

by water taxi

Water taxi

If your arrival in Aegina does not correspond with the departure of the local boat, then there are water taxis that will bring you to Agistri in less than 10 minutes for an approximate cost of 40 Euro per trip. Also useful for short trips to interesting places around Agistri or the Peloponnese coastline and in case of strikes
Contact information Jamaica: (+30) 6944 535 659 & Takis: (+30) 6972 229 720