Oasis Scala Beach Hotel


Continuous Development: Recycling and the Environment

Agistri is the most pine- forested island in the Argosaronic Gulf and we always try to maintain this natural beauty for the enjoyment of the islanders and also, of course, for our guests.

We were aware that the city of Sparta on the Greek mainland had been praised for the introduction of effective re-cycling and environmental procedures.

As we continually strive to improve our island, we arranged for a group of representatives from the Agistri Business Association, and the Mayor of Agistri, to visit Sparta and learn about their successful processes.

It was a very valuable visit and we came away with many ideas to improve Agistri’s approach to environmental issues. These include recycling of waste, green energy and the organic cultivation of our local produce. We are now working on the plan for our beautiful island.

We recognise that we must work towards, and improve our methods to maintain and improve the natural habitat and to take advantage of modern processes.

In turn, we hope that this will also improve the experience and enjoyment of the visitors to our island.

We will be working hard to make changes and improvements during the course of 2016/2017.