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Thanking the staff

Thanking The Staff

One of the most important duties of the management of the Oasis Hotel and Spa is creating and implementing initiatives to train, develop and reward our staff for their invaluable contribution to our business. Without doubt, they are our most valuable asset.

We are a small family-run business and our aim is to provide the best possible holiday experience for our guests and also, to reach the goals we set ourselves as a team of colleagues.

Our small unit is not just a workplace. We have family values and ethics and try to carry these into our liaison with our staff, so that we all share and work towards the same hopes for the future. In short, whether it be in terms of our guests or our staff, a people-centred environment is our aim.

In the spirit of continuous development and improvement, we recently travelled to Brussels with our restaurant staff to learn, and to taste, the Mediterranean cuisine at a Greek restaurant which is among the best 100 restaurants in Europe. We have come away with knowledge of new European trends and we will be creating a new menu, mixing the taste and nutritional values of the Greek and Mediterranean flavours. Additionally for next year, for those guests who prefer, there will also be a menu choice comprising organic produce only.

Our food will be complemented by Greek wines from our award-winning Cava.

Our guests are special – we very much appreciate their choice of the Oasis for their visit to Agistri. We learn from them, take on board their views, and try to improve things as we move forward.

In short, we have two goals:

  • To provide an unforgettable holiday for our guests on our beautiful island.
  • To provide a secure and stable working environment for our staff, enabling each one to maximise their potential and remain with us, in employment, in these turbulent economic times in Greece.

Such is the depth of our feeling that we offer our heartfelt thanks to both the new and the older members of the team for being part of our family and for all the support they give to us.

We are aiming high (but not beyond our reach!) and 2018 will be another challenging year at the Oasis. Our team is ready, willing and able to meet that challenge.

Picture: Martha Panou, Konstantinos Ernikoglou, Michail Panu, Argiris Peppas service & Mario’s Sinani Chef