Oasis Beach Hotel & Spa Location

Fast track getaway to Greek island life.

Encompassed by the vibrant greens of a pine forest, the most enticing cerulean blues, and the softest of golden sands, the Oasis Scala Beach Hotel and Spa in Agistri, is all about blissful relaxation and the simple pleasures of Greek island life.

With one of the island’s most stunning beaches on your doorstep, you’ll find little reason to wander much further than the immediate vicinity of the hotel. At 500 meters you also discover a selection of stores including a supermarket and a bakery. A bank machine and the bus stop are moreover at a stone’s throw.


Agistri is one of the Saronic islands dotting the waters nearest Athens, yet feels a million miles away. With pine forests cascading down to sea level, sandy beaches and azure coves with crystalline waters, this tiny paradise less than an hour away from the bustling Capital offers the shortest shortcut to the iconic Greek summer. It is no wonder then, that it has become the premier choice for the week- ending Athenians. It has also been recently discovered by those few foreign travellers in the know: Presented with an alluring mix of a nonchalant, easy-going lifestyle, glorious pine-forested scenery and great swimming, they never believe they’re just an hour from the big city.

If you haven’t experienced Agistri yet, don’t make the mistake of visiting on a day trip because you won’t be inclined to leave!

How to reach Agistri Island.

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